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BR-V’s size is perfect for city driving, neither too big nor small

Having said that, Honda has still provided some convenience features such as keyless entry with push button start/stop system, rear AC and a very practical third row of seats. I find the driving position quite confidence inspiring and the seat height adjust has a good range of flexibility. Even the ingress/egress is fantastic, you just have to walk in, which is convenient for the elderly. Third row is easily accessible with a flick of the middle seat and it has decent space since you can slide the middle row forward. Even with the third row up you have enough space for a suitcase and a few more bags.

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The diesel engine offers strong performance in the mid-range

The i-DTEC provides good acceleration and fantastic efficiency for a 7-seater

We have the diesel powered test car and I’m quite satisfied with the way it drives and the running cost is quite low too. The engine is quite noisy at cold starts and generally also you will keep noticing the diesel clatter because the NVH isn’t up to the mark. However, the motor is quite free to rev and it pulls the car strongly in the mid-range, which helps in negotiating the traffic well. The lag is barely noticeable and you can really get it going with quick shifts with the slick 6-speed gearbox and light clutch.

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Handling is good and the ride becomes flat at high speeds

The ride feels a bit stiff at slow speeds but it gets pliant when you gain speed. The steering is quite responsive to your inputs too and it doesn’t feel vague at corners. I’ve been driving the BR-V in city all this while and I’m getting a fantastic average fuel economy of 17.5 km/l. I will be taking it out for long drives soon so stay tuned for the next report meanwhile I explore some other aspects of the BR-V. Let us know if you want to ask anything specific about the BR-V.

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Overall it is a much better looking successor of the Mobilio

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