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The seating and cargo space is quite flexible in the BR-V

I’ve spoken a lot about practicality but what about convenience? Honda has equipped the BR-V quite well and it is a comfortable daily driver. First up is the keyless go feature, which is super convenient. Walk up to the car, key in your pocket, press the door request button, unlock, just sit and drive away with a push of the start/stop button. You might think it’s a regular feature these days but hey! The new long term compact SUV I have belongs to the same price bracket and I sorely miss this feature while fumbling my pockets to find the key of this car. Then there is the powerful automatic climate control AC in the BR-V, cooling the cabin quickly having an additional set of vents mounted on the roof for the rear passengers. The projector headlamps are powerful offering good visibility, the fog lamps too were useful in the foggy winters of Delhi.

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We missed the cruise control feature while driving on highways

Our range-topping test car didn’t come with the new Honda touchscreen infotainment system, that also meant that we had no reverse parking camera which was a pain while reversing the car considering the length. However, the Japanese automaker is now offering the new infotainment which is loaded with tech like navigation, web browsing, etc. These are some essential features you need these days in your car. However, I wish they could’ve added cruise control in the BR-V and sunroof, which isn’t missed as much since the glass area is huge!