The Honda CBR250RR has been announced in Indonesia today. Sales for the same are set to begin by the month of November 2016. No plans to introduce the bike in India have been revealed yet.

HondaCBR250RR Front Launch
The chiselled headlamps look cool, and give the bike a mean presence

And the legend returns, albeit with two fewer cylinders. Yes, the much awaited Honda CBR250RR is here. By here, I mean Indonesia. The CBR250RR has been announced in Indonesia today and has grabbed the eyeballs of every bike enthusiast. The bike now gets an all new design, an all-new chassis and an all new heart. The CBR20RR will be the highest capacity Honda motorcycle to grace the markets in Indonesia.

The Honda CBR250RR gets an all new twin-cylinder engine. While many may complain about the loss of two cylinders, Honda has assured that the drama and panache of the icon still lives. The engine still maintains a fairly bonkers redline of 14,000 RPM. While official engine specs have not been revealed yet, we expect the figures to be on the better side of 35 HP. The engine has a DOHC setup and will come with 3 switchable engine modes for better ride-ability overall. The motorcycle also gets a ride-by-wire throttle to aid with throttle modulations.

On the design front, the Honda CBR250RR simply looks badass. The high tail, sharp nose approach for the styling suits the bike’s persona. It also gets dual LED headlights, which get a nice chiselled design to amplify its mean stance. Moving back, we cannot miss the dual exhaust setup which should help give it a better exhaust note.

A new steel truss frame underpins the Honda CBR250RR. The motorcycle also gets full aluminium swing arms to keep the weight down, while maintaining the strength. ABS is available as an option and an adjustable monoshock at the rear, and upside down forks up front take care of suspension duties. Since its conception, Honda has been stressing about the light-weight factor of their new CBR250RR and it looks like they’ve delivered. The bike will be released in Japan on a later date, and sales in Indonesia are set to begin by November 2016. Honda doesn’t seem to have any plans of launching the CBR250RR in India, the company hasn’t given the twin headlight CBR250R to the country either.

Honda CBR250RR

– The Honda CBR250RR has been announced in Indonesia
– The bike will feature an all new twin-cylinder engine
– Sales are also set to begin by November 2016
– An Indian launch is highly unlikely

Honda CBR250RR Side Launch Indonesia
The CBR250RR gets a one sided dual exhaust set up

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