Kawasaki has made minor tweaks with the cosmetics of the Ninja 650 and ER-6n. The revamped bikes will have changes looks-wise and also with tyre choices.

Kawasaki ER-6n 2016 Cosmetics
The ER-6n has become a more meaner naked looking bike

Muscle, technology and styling. These three indispensable requisites constitute the winning formula, more likely in the case of Kawasaki. The Japanese bike maker has been around for quite a long time in India and has reached out to the masses with all its glory. Aiding its stance, it introduces cosmetic updates annually for its street heroes. Earlier in 2016, the  Ninja 300, ZX-10R, Z800, ZX-14R all received updates looks-wise alone.

And now it is time for the 650cc siblings, the Ninja 650 and ER-6n, to get the same treatment. Starting with the Ninja 650, it has been changed a teeny-tiny bit aesthetically. Dual colour styling predominates with a new splash of silver on the sides. It has also lost the Kawasaki branding on its fenders but the frontal look still remains intact with its mean and scary headlamps and curves.

As for the ER-6n, it is a stripped-out version of the aforementioned street bike. It looks more rugged and street-smart, as compared to the race-inspired Ninja. Few of the trademark Ninja green streaks on the tank and side fenders fulfil its partial cosmetic makeover. Both the vehicles are powered by a 649cc liquid-cooled, twin-cylinder engine that churns out 70 BHP and 64 Nm of peak torque, from a 6-speed transmission.

Kawasaki are set to roll out the refurbished bikes, with the regular Dunlop Roadsmart II tyres for the Ninja 650 and the Dunlop Sportmax D214 for the ER-6n. The Ninja 650 has opted for the tourer side of the story for its tyres, while the ER-6n has taken cues from the Z800 for a sportier touch to the ride. Both the bikes are locally assembled giving it the price-worthy tag. After all, who doesn’t want their Kawasaki to be the monarch of the road with all its eminence?

Kawasaki Ninja 650 & ER-6n Get Cosmetic Updates

– The Japanese manufacturer makes appearance changes for its models annually
– The Ninja 650 has more dual-colouring now and has also lost a bit of branding on the sides
– As for the ER-6n, it has become more of a naked Ninja 650 with rugged styling
– Mechanically, both the bikes are powered by the same engine and don’t get ABS
– The ER-6n gets new tyres from Dunlop while the Ninja 650 retains its regular choice

Kawasaki Ninja 650 2016 Cosmetics
Most of the cosmetic changes are on the sides for the Ninja 650