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The Civic’s stiff suspension leads to better handling

Driving Dynamics – The Skoda Octavia comes with a different suspension system based on the engine option, the 1.8-litre gets the superior multi-link independent rear suspension in lieu of the torsion beam which just doesn’t make any sense as the more expensive diesel too should have got the former. The petrol automatic rides better than the Civic and does a superior job of absorbing bad patches in its strides, Honda has opted for a stiffer setup which does give it the better handling here, with a steering that’s richer in terms of both feel and feedback, when compared to the Octavia’s, unless you get the RS in the picture which handles a world better but the ride is compromised due to the stiffer suspension, bigger lower profile wheels and lower ground clearance. Neither the standard Octavia, nor the Civic have ground clearance issues.

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Both cars have decent ground clearance and good ride quality

The Civic feels more sporty and has the better driving dynamics of the two

The seating position is sportier in the Honda Civic, you sit lower, the dashboard design makes you feel like you are piloting something exciting while the Skoda Octavia has a higher seat and a less sporty driving position. That said, the Octavia is easily the more fun to drive car here because of the punchy engines on offer which support you when you want to drive spiritedly around the twisties. The brakes on the Octavia are stronger but the tyres on the Civic have better grip and thus inspire more confidence to brake hard.