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Both cars are loaded with safety features

Safety – The Octavia and the Civic are loaded with safety features. The base variants of the Octavia and the Civic come with 4 airbags along with ABS and ESP. The Laurin & Klement version of the Octavia has a class-leading 8 airbags on offer while the Civic ZX has 6 airbags as standard. Both the cars come with child seat anchorages as well. The Octavia and the Civic get top marks at crash tests and offer almost world-class safety.

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The Jeep Compass makes for an excellent buy in this price range

Verdict – The Honda Civic absolutely aces the dynamics and we can say that Honda has retained the fun-to-drive character to a certain extent. The design is striking and there is the Civic name which is still popular despite the absence of nearly 7 years. The strong brand image and a substantial fan base are truly what makes the Civic so special. However, it is not without its faults. The interior is not the best, the diesel engine is a bit lacklustre and the back seat could’ve been more spacious. What we really wanted though is a wider choice of transmission and engine combinations. There should have been a petrol manual for the ultimate Civic thrills and the sophisticated diesel automatic for the people who prefer convenience. More powerful engines could’ve done the trick too. At Rs. 26.8 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai), the Civic is also on pricier side and does not feel like a value proposition.

The Skoda Octavia is clearly the more understated car here. It lacks the snazzy looks, sporty interiors and the brand image of the Civic. But it does everything that a customer looks for in an executive sedan extremely well. It is posh on the inside, loaded with equipment, has exciting engines and wider set of engine and transmission options. At Rs. 31.5 lakhs for this Laurin & Klement variant, it is undeniably expensive. But the Octavia is so well-equipped throughout the range that you don’t have to go for the top-spec variant to enjoy the experience. Yes, trim to trim the Octavia is more expensive but it also offers more. The Civic puts a fitting fight but the Octavia comes across as a more complete sedan and that is why it is our winner. However, there is another vehicle that is slotted in this price bracket which boasts of Euro build quality, good dynamics, punchy diesel engine and can take you places and that is the Jeep Compass which is a very good alternative to the sedans.

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What would be your choice out of these two sedans?

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