Honda has displayed the Neowing concept at the 2016 Auto Expo. The tilting trike was unveiled last year at the Tokyo Motor Show.

2016 Honda Neowing Front
The Honda Neowing attracts a lot of eye balls at the Auto Expo

A pioneer in 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler segment, Honda has been missing from the 3-wheeler segment. But that is supposed to change. The Japanese automaker unveiled the Neowing concept at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. It is a trike which will tilt like a large motorcycle and provide excellent cornering feel, something other trikes in the market currently don’t offer. The concept does look uber cool and is promising.

Powered by a hybrid powertrain combining a 4-cylinder engine and an electric motor, the Neowing will be no slouch when it comes to performance. It gets two wheels at the front and one rather wide wheel at the rear. The purpose of this trike is to give good low-speed stability making it easy to ride around in thick traffic while offering good leaning ability too when the rider wants to get an involving riding feel.

The design of the Honda Neowing concept is very futuristic and grabs a lot of attention. If and when it is launched, it will be a very practical option for someone who wants a high power motorcycle but is not sure of handling the high weight. The trike’s third wheel will help manage the weight easily while offering almost similar thrills. The segment sales are on the rise globally and Honda should aim at converting this concept into a production ready model soon.

Honda Neowing Concept

– Comes with a hybrid powertrain (4-cyl engine and electric motor)
– It gives very good low speed stability
– Design is very good and looks attractive

2016 Honda Neowing Side
A trike whihc won’t go into production anytime soon
2016 Honda Neowing Headlight
Those lights look mean and purposeful
2016 Honda Neowing Instrument Cluster
The ergonomics are very comfortable for the rider
2016 Honda Neowing Front Wheel
Low profile Dunlop tyres do duty on this vehicle
2016 Honda Neowing Engine
The engine powering this beast is a 4-cylinder hybrid
2016 Honda Neowing Rear Wheel
Honda sure knows how to make attractive looking concepts
2016 Honda Neowing Rear
Sharp design gives the Honda Neowing a lot of presence