Honda Moped ADV CT125 Hunter Cub Patent
The application was filed back in March this year

Honda has filed a patent application for a moped ADV in India and the Intellectual Property (IP) design application has been leaked online. Filed back in March this year, the moped adventure vehicle in question is the Honda CT125 Hunter Cub.

It was at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show that Honda showcased the concept of a CT125. Plans were also on to put it on display once again at the Virtual Motorcycle Show that was supposed to be held in March this year.

As far as we know, the CT125 Hunter Cub is a spin-off of the CT125 Super Cub, its sibling. However, the similarities end there. While the Super Cub has a clean look, all of the wires and cables are hidden, the Hunter Cub is the exact opposite, having exposed the cables, like mopeds of old.

More old-school stuff can be seen as well. For instance, the pillion seat gets replaced by a luggage rack, it has got spoke wheels as well and the whole frame, swingarm, mudguards, etc, are designs we have already seen.

But it does not mean that modern bits are not present. For instance, there are dual disc brakes and it has got ABS. The engine gets a protective plate underneath and the exhaust that is covered with heat shields throughout goes up, like that of a scrambler bike.

Powering the Honda moped ADV is a 124.9cc, air-cooled, SOHC engine that produces 8.8 HP and 11 Nm and comes paired with a 4-speed semi-automatic gearbox.

Further, it has got a 5.3 litre fuel tank, weighs 120 kg, has 165 mm ground clearance, good suspension travel and like a good old 2-wheeler, a kick starter. This will result in the mini-scrambler that can actually go places off-road.

Now, we do know that not all vehicles that get patented in India get launched for the masses to purchase owing to various reasons. The Honda moped ADV, if at all launched here, will be a misfit and one of a kind. The model is set to debut in Japan next year.

Honda Moped ADV

  • IP design application for a Honda moped ADV has been leaked
  • The model in question is the Honda CT125 Hunter Cub
  • To be launched in the Japanese market next year
Honda Moped ADV CT125 Hunter Cub
The Japanese do have different tastes when it comes to vehicles
Honda Moped ADV CT125 Hunter Cub Engine
A simple, air-cooled engine and bare-bones mechanicals make it a solid package

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