Honda Drone Bike Patent
The 4-rotor drone can be used for extracting hot air away from the battery pack

Honda Japan has filed a patent application for a bike with a drone housed in its tail section and if anything, this makes for a very interesting concept.

The patent states the 2-wheeler is a battery electric motorcycle and that the quadcopter sits under an automatic closing and opening device situated on the tail.

When the drone takes its place on the bike, it is compact, only expanding length-wise during flight to have increased stability.

This unusual equipment on the Honda drone bike can be used for several intents and purposes, but the subject of the registration is simply the coupling of the bike and the drone.

However, Honda does note in the patent application that the drone can be used to extract hot air from the battery pack via ducts.

Other things the drone can be used for include controlling the rider’s territory by providing information about vehicles that are nearby the motorcycle and thereby keeping the rider (and the pillion) safe.

It can also be used for support during an excursion, take video footage which can be fed live to the motorcycle’s digital screen, or even transport or recover small objects.

Of course, there are numerous other applications the Honda drone bike can be subjected to, like being an emergency beacon to help first responders easily identify a rider who has met with an accident.

But we reckon, if at all it makes it into production, the technology will more often than not be used by people to film themselves as they ride along to post it on their social media channels.

Honda Drone Bike
The drone can extend and take flight when necessary
Honda Drone Bike Operation
It is a 4-rotor drone that extends for stability during flight
It can be used for traffic guidance too

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