Honda has officially discontinued the CB Unicorn 150 and has also removed the motorcycle from its Indian website. The CB Unicorn 160 will be taking the Unicorn nameplate ahead.

Honda Unicorn
The CB Unicorn 150 was always a good seller for Honda

Honda has officially discontinued the CB Unicorn 150 from the Indian two-wheeler market and the bike has also been removed from the company’s website. The motorcycle has been on sale in India for 10 years and was one of Honda’s oldest motorcycles offered in the country. This move comes a little late as Honda dealerships had stopped taking bookings for the same model in February itself. The motorcycle will continue to be produced in India, but for the export markets only. However, this does not end the model’s legacy as the more powerful CB Unicorn 160 takes its place.

The Honda CB Unicorn 150 has been on sale for a long time, but the bike has always performed well on the sales front. It has always been a very popular model in Honda’s stable and might have been the reason why other similarly powered models from the same company did not manage to do well. The 2015 Honda CB Unicorn 160 which is powered by a refined 163.2cc engine will be taking the Unicorn name forward. The sober looking motorcycle gives out a maximum power of 14.5 PS and 14.6 Nm of torque, paired to a 5-speed gearbox. It has a digital instrument cluster and is offered with the option of Combi-Braking System (CBS). The engine get Honda Eco-Technology (HET), which improves fuel efficiency.

With the CB Unicorn 150 discontinued, the Japanese company now only sells the CB Trigger, CB Unicorn 160 and the CBR150R in the 150cc space. The CB Trigger and CBR150R have not been doing well in the market and the former is due for a facelift in the coming months. Honda manufactured 24,357 units of the CB Unicorn 150 in April 2014 while in the same month this year, the company only produced 131 units, 48 units were exported. Many prospective buyers are willing to pay a premium to get the old Unicorn as some still don’t want to upgrade to the better 160 model.

Honda CB Unicorn 160 Side
The CB Unicorn 160 will continue to take the Unicorn brand forward