Honda Clutch By Wire
The system makes use of a computer-assisted clutch

The clutch by wire system from Honda could end up making bikes more complex

Patent images of a clutch by wire system developed by Honda have surfaced online, revealing that the manufacturer could roll out such a feature on future motorcycles.

Since many premium motorcycles today come with a ride-by-wire throttle, it seems the next logical step (given the advantages that a computer-controlled throttle provides) is to move toward a clutch by wire system.

According to the patent, the Honda clutch by wire system retains the hydraulically controlled clutch and a a bar-mounted lever, but does away with their direct linkage.

Honda Clutch By Wire Patent
The lever and hydraulic system will not be directly linked

In the place of a traditional system, a computer unit monitors the clutch lever’s position and based on the input, signals the hydraulic pressure control unit to engage or disengage the clutch.

Honda’s clutch by wire system’s control unit also makes use of information about the throttle position, gear position, engine revs and speed for seamless clutch movement.

What’s more, in the default or resting state, unlike a conventional system, the clutch is always disengaged, meaning the setup is a fail-safe.

A control unit will monitor the movement of the lever

Some might be worried that this might rob the feel of operating a clutch lever on a motorcycle. But, fret not, as the Honda clutch by wire system uses a ‘reactive force generation device’ to provide a possibly realistic feedback to the rider.

Like a ride-by-wire system, the clutch by wire tech could enable bikes to feature new age solutions like operation of gears without having to pull the clutch lever in select modes, and improve safety by working with launch, wheelie and traction control systems.

Of course, the system would take into consideration the use of a quickshifter, which might result in more crisp gearchanges than is possible today.

System Patent
Honda is expected to calibrate the system to provide proper lever feedback

But, the biggest change that the Honda clutch by wire system might bring about is that it would eliminate engine stalling thanks to the system smoothly engaging and disengaging the clutch no matter what the circumstances are.

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