The Honda Pro Care program has been launched in India, aiming for customer delight with a top notch experience.

Honda WR-V Launch Price
Honda WR-V comes with 3 labour free services in the 1st year

The Honda Pro Care program has been launched in India offering a variety of packages with transparency of information for its customers and includes Honda Care Maintenance Package, Honda Extended Warranty & Road Side Assistance Package, Value Added Services and Honda Scheduled Service Cost.

The key USPs of the Honda Pro Care program are –
* 3 hours express service and 4 hour body and paint express service, this facility will be available at Honda Platinum workshops and will also be extended to other workshops
* Prepaid Honda Maintenance Package at discounted prices with Brio, Jazz, Amaze, City available for 2 year/20000 kms and Honda WR-V and BR-V for 3 years/30,000 kms
* Extended Warranty for the 4th and 5th year on the WR-V, BR-V and the City while Extended Warranty for the 3rd and 4th year on the Brio, Jazz and Amaze. AnyTime warranty prices till the 7th year is up for display and a discounted rate of Rs. 6150/- till 5 years for Roadside Assistance is also offered
* Transparency of displaying scheduled service cost of cars till 1 lakh kms service
* Details on Value Added Treatments like Honda Approved Anti Rust Coating, Paint Protection and AC Cleaning
* Owners Manual

The Honda Care Maintenance Package for the Brio, Amaze Petrol, Amaze Diesel, Jazz Petrol, Jazz Diesel, City Petrol and the City Diesel comes for 2 years or 40,000 kms. While for the Brio and Amaze Petrol it costs Rs. 11,000/-, for the Amaze Diesel it costs Rs. 18,000/-, for the petrol powered Jazz and City it costs Rs. 13,000/-, and for the diesel powered Jazz and City it costs Rs. 21,000/-.

The Honda Care Maintenance Package for petrol and diesel powered BR-V and WR-V comes for 3 years or 30,000 kms. The costs for the petrol powered BR-V and WR-V is Rs. 9500/-, for the WR-V it costs Rs. 15,000/- and for the BR-V it costs Rs. 16,000/-. Costs for the respective models with automatic transmission are Rs. 600/- higher.

The Honda Brio, Amaze Diesel, Jazz Petrol, Amaze Petrol, Jazz Diesel come with an Extended Warranty Pack of 4 years / 80,000 kms and the costs are Rs. 5800/-, Rs. 7500/-, Rs. 7000/-, Rs. 7000/-, Rs. 8500/- respectively. The City Petrol, City Diesel, WR-V Petrol, BR-V Petrol, WR-V Diesel and the BR-V Diesel come with an Extended Warranty Pack of 5 years/Unlimited kms and costs Rs. 12,000/-, Rs. 17,500/-, Rs. 11,500/-, Rs. 12,000/-, Rs. 15,000/- and Rs. 15,000/- respectively.

The Honda Road Side Assistance costs are –
* 1st year – Rs. 1800/-
* 2nd year – Rs. 3000/-
* 3rd year – Rs. 3800/-
* 4th year – Rs. 4700/-
* 5th year – Rs. 6100/-

Value added services like Anti Rust Coating costs Rs. 2900-3500/- depending on the car and this is good to last for a period of 5 years. Others like Paint Protection, Rodent Repellent and AC Cleaning costs Rs. 715-915/-, Rs. 825/- and Rs. 750/- respectively and lasts for almost 6 months. An Interior Dry Clean is on offer too, that costs Rs. 1250/- for the Brio, Jazz and the WR-V, and Rs. 1550/- for the Amaze and City while for the BR-V it costs Rs. 1800/-.

Also on offer is a service that probably every customer of Honda will like, the Honda Scheduled Service Cost. The Honda Scheduled Service Cost tries to give an exact estimate of the repairs or service that any Honda car is going to go through.

Honda Pro Care Program

– Honda Pro Care Program has been launched in India
– This program has been launched in an attempt to bring transparency and deliver confidence to customers
– On offer are a variety of Value Added Services too

Honda Brio Facelift Test Drive
The Extended Warranty Pack for a Honda Brio costs Rs. 5800/-
2017 Honda City Review Test Drive
The paid service interval for the Honda City is 10,000 kms or 6 months whichever is earlier