Honda CB300F Price Mat Marvel Blue
The recently-launched CB300F

Honda is readying 4 new models including a 300-350 cc bike and a 160 cc bike, all will go on sale in about a year

India’s second largest 2-wheeler manufacturer, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI), is readying as many as 4 new models for launch in the country. The interesting part is that all the 4 products will go on sale in just about a year.

The models include a 300-350 cc motorcycle, a 160 cc motorcycle, a 125 cc scooter, and a 100-110 cc commuter motorcycle. Sources said the Japanese maker is currently in the process of adopting OBD 2 requirements that will go live in April, 2023, for the models.

As per SIAM, in the period between April and July, 2022, Honda held a market share of 27 percent in the domestic market while its prime competitor Hero had 34 percent. However, the gap between the 2 curtailed to just 2 percent last month.

Honda is eyeing a commuter bike that will take on the likes of Hero’s Splendor and HF series of small bikes. The commuter segment has a monthly sales volume of a humongous 3.5 lakh units and Hero alone has 80 percent market share in that segment.

With chip shortage easing, Honda wants to capitalise on the opportunity in production. It’s oldest Manesar plant will become the centre for the manufacture of premium bikes starting from 160 cc displacement.

Honda Activa 125 Premium Edition
Honda is gearing up to launch a 125 cc scooter

Currently, there are 8 premium motorcycles assembled in the facility and the peak production could reach as high as 4 lakh units if required. The company is planning a production onslaught starting from the upcoming festive season when demand soars.

Finally, the Japanese maker is also silently working on its first electric 2-wheeler. But, sources said, launch is still sometime away. The company has nearly finished the feasibility study and moving towards the development of the product.