There are many elements on the scooter that are striking to look at

Images of a Honda retro scooter concept have been leaked online and for a concept, bar a few elements, the scooter has many production-ready elements.

The pictures that were leaked from an intellectual property filing by Honda show that the 2-wheeler looks very retro, but is modern as well.

Design-wise the Honda retro scooter concept looks minimalist, with design elements that run from front to back, like from the front to the S-shaped rear.

Although it looks like it was styled to appeal to youngsters, it does offer a generous seat area, something that might also appeal to youngsters who do not care about laws.

A tall windscreen with a floating design sits in front of the bar controls that look very futuristic indeed. This is where the scooter looks more like a concept, since these elements do not look production-ready.

However, there are other elements on the Honda retro scooter concept that do look close to production. For example, the engine gets components that could be easily put into mass manufacturing and sources say it will be between 110cc and 150cc.

So, it would be a 125cc vehicle then, but you never know. Also, the suspension, big wheels and front disc and rear drum brakes, all look very conventional.

Will Honda put it into production? We do not know. But one thing is for sure, with no platform for manufacturers to show their concepts due to COVID-19 restrictions, more such concept leaks are bound to happen.

Honda Retro Scooter Concept

  • Honda retro scooter concept images have been leaked online
  • Gets good styling elements like the floating screen, bar controls
  • Sadly, it is just a concept at the moment
Honda Retro Scooter Concept Side
The S-shaped tail section merges well with the front
Honda Retro Scooter Concept
Wheels, suspension and brakes all look very production-ready
Honda Retro Scooter Concept Back
There are no surprises when it comes to mechanical components

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