The degrading sales of the Unicorn 160 could make the company put a standstill on it very soon, the Unicorn 150 has been selling well.

Honda CB Unicorn 160 Road Test
The initial response of buyers was pleasant for the Unicorn 160

Among the most successful 150cc motorcycles, the Honda Unicorn has been on the top sellers list for a long time in the past. And then, the Japanese bikemaker upgraded the engine by adding more capacity and introduced it as the Unicorn 160. Initially, it proved to be a sensible decision by the company looking at the sales of the motorcycle. But what we noticed by the reports, sales of the Unicorn 160 has abruptly fallen and the graph kept on sliding down.

Perhaps, Honda has seen this sales drop because of its own competitor, the Unicorn 150 and Hornet 160. With its absolute muscular naked design and meaty tyres, the Hornet 160 has become one of the top choices of the youth. And, it has seen an impressive demand in the commuter segment market.

If we look back at the sales report of January 2016, the Unicorn 160 had only fetched sales of 52 units. Owing to which, Honda had to relaunch the older Unicorn 150 which performed outstandingly well in the market. Till March, 10,405 units of it were sold and the number went on increasing. Looking at the whole scenario, it seems that the Unicorn 160 has to be out of the competition very soon. Currently, it carries a price tag of Rs. 77,337 (ex showroom, Mumbai) and the 163cc engine develops 14.5 BHP of power.

Honda Unicorn 160 Sales

– The Unicorn 160 will join the Dazzler and Trigger, the other 150cc Honda’s to be discontinued
– Sales went on decreasing and got stuck by January 2016
– The company had to relaunch the Unicorn 150 earlier this year

Honda CB Unicorn 160 Price
The company might withdraw the bike officially by early 2017