India’s first ever Hot Rod Festival called ‘India Hot Rod Fest’ (IHRF) is being held at the Buddh International Circuit on 25th and 26th July 2015 to give enthusiasts an insight into the world of customization.

2015 India Hot Rod Fest
Custom enthusiasts must attend the oncoming show

India’s economy is growing at a rapid pace for some time now. With the increasing amount of spending power among the citizens of India, people are now going forward and pursuing their passions and hobbies which include shelling out loads of cash for the things they love. Car and bike enthusiasts alike are following the customisation route, which is a niche market in our country to say the least. However, enthusiasts who are crazy about customisation are trying to make fellow like-minded people aware of their growing fraternity and have come together to organise India’s first ever Hot Rod Festival called ‘India Hot Rod Fest’ (IHRF) on the 25th and 26th of July at the Buddh International Circuit (BIC) in Greater Noida.

IHRF will have more than 50 of the country’s biggest car and bike modifiers display their talents. Famous brands including the likes of Rajputana Customs, Rebel customs, Highland Customs, Modbike, Sarbloh Motors, Work Xtreme Custom Motorcycles, Autopsyche, R and G Customs, TNT Motorcycles, Azad 4X4, etc. will be exhibiting their pieces of art. Apart from the display of custom cars and motorcycles, the organisers will also be making the IHRF a unique platform where people can even buy custom products. The purchase process will take place through an exclusive bidding programme where a customer can take home a vehicle of his/her liking on the very same day.

Alongside the display, many more events like track rides and contests will also be held at the BIC. The event will help customisers showcase their work and display India’s talent in the business to the rest of the world. The demand for custom vehicles are growing every day and this event will surely help in creating a bigger industry for the same in our country. So if you are one such crazy custom fan, then you have to check out the one-of-a-kind festival which is based on automobile design and performance.

2015 India Hot Rod Fest BIC
This event will be the first of many more