Hyperion XP1 Hydrogen Hypercar Front
Futuristic the the word that comes to mind about the car’s design

Hyperion has unveiled its hydrogen hypercar, the XP-1, with bold claims that place it smack in the middle of the performance car race.

The American hydrogen technology firm states that the XP-1 hypercar has been built after 10 years of development. It also adds that over 200 researchers and scientists were involved in testing and research.

Before we get into the design, let us look at the technology used in the car, because that is what sets it apart from the traditional hypercars.

Built using carbon titanium reinforced composite, the car weighs just 1032 kg. When it comes to the propulsion system, it has a proton exchange membrane fuel cell, carbon fibre hydrogen storage systems and ultra-capacitor energy storage technology.

Multiple electric motors provide the car all-wheel drive and there is a 3-speed transmission as well. All this will enable the Hyperion XP-1 hydrogen hypercar hit 0-100 km/hr in a claimed 2.2 seconds, while the top speed will be in excess of 354 km/hr.

More interesting is the quoted range figure as the manufacturer states the XP-1 can do 1635 km before refuelling again.

Now, for the design, which looks absolutely bonkers. The car sits low to the ground and has plenty of vents and channels and scoops to bend the air the way it wants so as to hit that massive top speed.

There are distinctive elements like the sharp nose, slim headlights, pronounced wheel arches, wrap-around glass canopy, “v-wing” doors, “vortex forced” air intake, active aerodynamic side blades.

The last part not only help in improving cornering, but are also covered in solar panels and can articulate to follow the trajectory of the sun. At the rear, there are LED taillights, Kevlar composite diffuser, bronze-tinted exhaust tips and plenty of vents to channel air.

Interior of the car has a large 98-inch curved display that supports gesture control tech and a 134-inch glass canopy, while there are also carbon fibre seats wrapped in leather.

Riding on 20- and 21-inch wheels, the braking force for the Hyperion XP-1 hydrogen hypercar will be from carbon ceramic discs, 457 mm at front and 432 mm at the back, while the suspension will be ultralight aluminium alloy independent double wishbones with a hydraulic ride height system.

Slated to go into production in 2022, the car will be built in the United States, with production limited to 300 units and as is the case with such limited models, the sky is the limit when it comes to customisation options.

Hyperion XP-1 Hydrogen Hypercar

  • Hyperion has unveiled the XP-1 hydrogen hypercar
  • Can hit 0-100 km/hr in 2.2 seconds with a 354 km/hr top speed
  • Also has a massive 1635 km claimed range
Hyperion XP1 Interior
Interior of the car will be dominated by the 98-inch curved display
Hyperion XP1 Hydrogen Hypercar Side
The side blades are covered in solar panels and help in cornering too
Hyperion XP1 Hydrogen Hypercar Back
It weighs a little over a tonne at 1032 kg due to use of exotic materials
Hyperion XP1
Limited to only 300 units, will be produced from 2022 onwards