Honda CBR600RR Headlight
The new sleek all-LED headlamps look top notch and the wings enhance the front look even more

New images of the 2021 Honda CBR600RR have surfaced and they reveal interesting details. Honda will reveal the bike globally on 21st August 2020. We’ll be talking about the new details of the CBR600RR in this article. You can click here for our first impressions of the new 600RR.

The new images show many things. Starting from the aesthetic elements, as we said earlier, the front end of the motorcycle resembles the top-of-the-line CBR1000RR-R. The headlight is a sleek all-LED unit now, and even the fairing is re-designed with wings on each side.

As you move along, you notice that the tank shape is mostly the same as the previous model, but it now gets a black front cover as an addition. The rear half of the new CBR600RR is exactly like the previous model, though. The under-seat exhaust, tail light and even the footpegs and their brackets look untouched.

So what’s new? The electronic bits. The previous CBR600RR had an analogue speedometer with basic electronics for company, and even ABS didn’t come as standard.

However, the new CBR600RR gets a new TFT dashboard from the CBR1000RR-R and the switchgear images suggest that the level of traction control, anti-wheelie, and engine brake might be adjustable.

Sadly, we don’t see any major mechanical changes. As the exhaust, chassis and swingarm look untouched, it probably means that the engine has received no prime changes as well. At least none that we can make up from the images.

The braking bits also look unchanged as the disc brakes resemble the previous model with Tokico calipers. However, the photos reveal that the new CBR600RR will get fully adjustable Showa Upside Down front forks and similar things are expected for the rear suspension as well.

Honda had previously discontinued the CBR600RR for European markets due to the strict Euro-3 and Euro-4 norms. This means that if the engine components and exhaust unit remain unchanged for the 600RR, Honda will refrain from launching the bike in European countries.

Sadly, Indian emission norms usually take inspiration from the European norms. Therefore, it is highly likely that the 2021 Honda CBR600RR will not come to India as well. We’re still keeping our fingers crossed, though.

2021 Honda CBR600RR Images

  • New images of the soon-to-launch new CBR600RR have surfaced on the web
  • The images reveal a revamped front end with LED headlamps, wings, and new fairing
  • The motorcycle will also get loads of electronic gizmos as images show a new TFT colour display with adjustable engine brake, anti-wheelie and TC
Honda CBR600RR Console
The TFT colour display looks snazzy and will give the 600RR an edge over its competition
Honda CBR600RR Switchgear
Switchgear doesn’t get the modern joystick but looks easy to use, nevertheless
Honda CBR600RR Tail
It’s pretty hard to differentiate between the new and the old CBR600RR from the rear