ferrari vs lamborghini

A red hot beast parked in the National Garage at Haji Ali, and the passersby stopping to have a long look at it, especially if the red beast is a Ferrari? Well, this is not a rare scene in most parts of Mumbai. With high purchasing power of people, cars like Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini are a common view on roads of Mumbai. And just like the cars, their owners too are at times sporty and mischievous.

Recently, on the Bharat Bandh day (due to rise in petrol prices) people stayed back in the comforts of their homes. But, this did not stop the owners of a red flaming Ferrari and the shining yellow Lamborghini from getting on to their beasts and enjoying a long super fast drive. The duo, wanting to make use of the empty roads on the day of Bandh, launched a series of drag races on Carter Road at around 4 in the evening. Perhaps, they were having the time of their life as on normal days we all know how the traffic situation in Mumbai is.

But the excitement did not stay for long when the residents of the Carter Road got disturbed by the zipping and vrooming antics of the duo. Thanks to the high-octane engines of the super beasts, they can never go unnoticed. Perhaps, a Lamborghini engine can rev upto 126 dB which is enough to disturb a normal human ear. The irritated residents filed a complaint with the police on noise pollution being created by these drag races.

What happened next was similar to a Bollywood action flick when the police tried to nab the two. In the lanes of Bandra, when police chased the two, the racers tried to dodge the police van and entered the bylanes. But as the viewers of Hindi movies would know – ‘Kanoon Ke Haath Lambe Hote Hain’, the police used their trick by blocking the entry and exit points of one of the lanes the racers had entered and finally nabbed them bringing an end to the mischievous act. The duo aged 25 years and 32 years have been released on bail.

It is obviously the adrenaline rush that pushes the youngsters towards the drag races but how can we deny the luring looks of a red Ferrari and a Yellow Lamborghini.

Source – Mid-Day