Hyundai Bayon Leaked Image
Manufacturers have decided that the world needs more and more crossovers

While Hyundai is getting ready to reveal its Bayon compact SUV in Europe, images of the production-spec model have already found their way online.

It was only yesterday that the carmaker shared a couple of teaser images of the car, revealing its front fascia and rear light cluster.

Set to become the brand’s most affordable SUV offering in Europe, the leaked images of the Hyundai Bayon show the car sporting the same colour scheme as the model in the teaser images.

The design of the model is clearly influenced by the latest generation i20 premium hatchback, but the front fascia has a Kona-esque look to it.

There is a large radiator grille and situated on either side of it are the headlights. Above them, the LED DRLs can be seen, which is connected by a small slat.

Along the sides, the Hyundai Bayon looks like a jacked up i20 with a typical crossover stance. There is plastic body cladding and a stylish set of alloy wheels too.

At the back, the full-width lighting cluster can be seen along with a heavily creased boot lid, a deep bumper, along with a skid plate.

The interior image of the Hyundai Bayon shows a cabin similar to that of the current i20. The dashboard is dominated by the large touchscreen and the steering wheel and control switches are the same too, save for the top part of the dash which has a small ‘step’.

Expected to be put on sale withing the first half of this year, the compact SUV could potentially serve as the replacement for the discontinued i20 Active in the carmaker’s product portfolio.

Hyundai Bayon Leaked Image Interior
Yes, the image is blurry, but it is evident that the cabin is very similar to the i20’s interior
Hyundai Bayon Leaked Image Rear
The resurgence of the green shade is quite refreshing
Teaser Front
It does come with a large grille, so why is there a need for another horizontal opening above?
Teaser Rear
Hyundai has stated that it will be its most affordable SUV offering in Europe