Hyundai has announced that all their vehicles will be equipped with AMT gearboxes by 2018. The gearboxes are touted to be self manufactured and will come equipped on mid-level hatchbacks and entry-level sedans.

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The addition of AMT gearboxes will turn out to be a beneficial step for the company

Hyundai Motor India Limited recently celebrated 20 years of its operations in India. It has clearly set its sights on becoming the market leader and the most beloved automobile brand in India. To aid this rising dominion of Hyundai in the Indian Market, they have come up with the most idealistic solution of introducing Automated Manual Transmissions (AMT) in their production line-up by 2018.

AMT uses an electronic control unit and a hydraulic system that supervises the use of the clutch and the gear shifting. It allows the driver to, either sequentially or fully automatically, change gear without using the clutch. It adds to the ease and convenience of a driver with the help of clutch-less gear shifts and concurrently is cheaper than a conventional automatic gearbox. This calls for novices to cherish and easy commuters to smile. So it is no wonder that the demand for AMT cars has gone up considerably. There is an exigency to bring about a balance between an aching left foot and a savings-focussed pocket and the AMT strives to fulfil that.

AMT technology has helped manufacturers boost volume sales in the mid-level hatchback and compact sedan segments. The difference in cost between AMT and manual transmission versions of cars is not very great. Moreover, the AMT does not cost as much as a conventional automatic gearbox.

Mr. Young Key Koo, Managing Director of HMIL, did not disclose which product would get the AMT, but said that gradually, all models in the model range will receive the technology. Hyundai’s adversaries like Maruti-Suzuki, have already stepped into the realm of AMTs by introducing it in 2014 starting with the Celerio and has reaped huge rewards in terms of rise in sales. Hyundai is rumoured to launch a small car in 2018 to rival the Renault Kwid. The car, codenamed Hyundai AH, could debut the Korean carmaker’s AMT technology by 2018.

Hyundai Cars In India To Get AMT

– The whole range will be equipped with AMTs for better volume sales by 2018
– AMTs provide the advantages of lesser cost, rider flexibility and better fuel economy
– This change comes after its competitors like Maruti Suzuki, Renault have already installed AMTs in their line-ups
– Likely to be introduced in Hyundai AH, a small car to rival the Renault Kwid by 2018

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The Hyundai AH is mostly going to be the first car to get the AMT gearbox