The high sales of Hyundai vehicles have improved the company’s ranking in the Indian UV vehicle sales statistics.

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The overall market share of Hyundai UVs has increased to 13% this year

Hyundai has jumped on to the third position of the Indian UV sales ranking chart, whereas Toyota has jotted itself down on the fourth position. Since over a decade, the Indian market has been flooded with UV vehicles, owing to the rising comfort requirements and growing craze for big cars within the masses.

As per the sales report, it is known that Maruti Suzuki has been topping the list since the previous year, making the Mahindra stuck on the second position. Hyundai, being the third on the list this year, was below Toyota in 2015. The incredible hike in the sales of Hyundai utility vehicles made it improve its position in 2016. The increment in the number of UVs sold by Hyundai has been nearly doubled since last year.

Giving a glance at the overall sales chart, it is apparent that the UV market share of Hyundai has risen from 10% to 13%. Whereas, Toyota had it 14% the previous year which has degraded to 12% this year. After the high capacity diesel vehicle ban in Delhi, Toyota had been disappointed with the reduction in the sales of the Innova and Fortuner. However, the Hyundai Creta has been booming since its launch in India.

The increasing wants of Indian buyers for big entry-level vehicles made all major brands to launch their UV offerings in India at a large extent. As predicted, the future of UV vehicles appears to be bright in our country as the sales of these cars could be doubled in the succeeding years.

Hyundai Beats Toyota

– Hyundai was at the fourth position in 2015
– Toyota has slipped a position down in the UV sales in 2016
– Diesel vehicle ban in the capital affected the sales of Toyota vehicles

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Toyota will expect to improve its sales with the new Fortuner launch