Hyundai has been known to update the pricing for its cars in the beginning of the third quarter every year. The company is thus planning to increase the Creta’s price by Rs. 15,000/- by September.

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The increase comes due to fluctuations in market conditions and operational costs

Hyundai will be hiking the price of its Creta by Rs. 15,000/- by September 2016. The price hike comes due to what the company states as operational and manufacturing cost fluctuations. The change is not unexpected, as the brand has been known to make price updates during the third quarter of every year, and given that the Creta has been quite successful, you could say we saw it coming.

The Creta is not the only car to face this, as it is expected that other cars too to get the same treatment. So simple consumer advice, book your Hyundais before September. The current pricing of the Creta ranges from Rs. 9.17 lakhs to Rs. 14.51 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi). The Creta comes with a 1.4-litre and a 1.6-litre diesel engine, and a 1.6-litre petrol unit. All engines come mated to 6-Speed manual transmissions, while an auto box is available with the 1.6-litre options.

The Creta has been one of Hyundai’s hugely successful products. The urban SUV has managed to sell 78,857 units by the end of May 2016, and celebrated its first anniversary this month. The occasion was commemorated the launch of the Creta Anniversary Edition, which will go on sale in the next month.

Hyundai will be increasing prices of its entire range of cars between Rs. 3000-16,000/- with effect from 16th August. The reason for the price increase is the rupee depreciation and swelling raw material costs.

Hyundai Creta Price To Be Increased

– Hyundai will increase the price of its Creta by Rs. 15,000/-
– The hike comes due to operational and manufacturing cost fluctuations
– Other products are also expected to get an updated price tag

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Other Hyundai products may also undergo this price update