The Hyundai Creta scored 4 out of 5 stars in adult occupant protection but performed poorly in child occupant protection as the CRS did not pass the installation tests.

Hyundai Creta Latin NCAP Test
The Creta tested is a made in India model specifically for the Latin market

Hyundai India’s latest vehicle to be bitten by the success bug is the Creta compact SUV that has kept the folks at the Chennai production facility extremely busy. Developed for emerging markets, the Creta was recently tested by the Latin NCAP and managed to score 4 out of 5 stars in the safety crash tests. The model tested was a Left Hand Drive (LHD) version equipped with two airbags. The compact SUV is exported from India specifically made for the Latin American market.

The Latin spec Hyundai Creta received 4 out of 5 stars in adult occupant protection scoring 15.57 points out of 17. The results concluded that the driver and passenger heads were well protected by the dual front airbags in the frontal impact tests, while both seatbelts were equipped with pre-tensioners and load limiters. The driver and passenger chests also received adequate protection. The passenger knee areas did not show high-risk structures, stated the result.

Coming to child occupant protection, the Hyundai Creta performed poorly scoring 29.87 points out of 49 and just 3 stars. The test result concluded that the child seat for a 3-year old was able to prevent excessive forward movement during an impact. In case of an 18-month old child, some of the Child Restraint Systems (CRS) did not pass the installation tests. Further, the absence of three-point seatbelts for all passengers wasn’t appreciated by the NCAP and the vehicle did not have an airbag disconnection switch either.

The bodyshell on the Hyundai Creta was rated as stable and capable of withstanding further pressure, which is a positive sign. The SUV though was not subjected to a side impact test. In terms of safety features, the model tested was also equipped with ABS and SBR for the driver. You can check out the crash test video below.

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