Hyundai India has launched a LPG variant of the Accent. The LPG, bi-fuel variant will be priced at Rs 533,900 which is Rs 34,900 more than the existing petrol model and it is fitted with an engine immobilizer as a standard fitment for added security. The new LPG version of Accent, named as Accent ECO (ECO is synonymous with environmentally friendly and economy) comes with a factory fitted LPG kit approved and certified by the Department of Explosives (DOE) and Automotive research Authority of India (ARAI).

Powered by the 1.5 litre engine which is mated to a 5 speed, manual Transmission, the Accent eco offers its customers a unique combination of safe and reliable performance with an unmatched fuel economy. With separate Petrol (45 Litre) and LPG (27.2 litre) fuel tanks, the customers has an option to choose from both LPG and petrol driving mode. The LPG tank in the Accent eco has a special ‘Toroidal’ design that allows intelligent use of space and makes for a larger luggage room available to the customer.

The factory-fitted LPG kit in the Accent eco enjoys a full 2 year manufacturer warranty benefits thus ensuring enhanced peace of mind for the customers. Accent eco also boasts of the lowest greenhouse gas emission as it emits lower CO2, as compared to the petrol version of the car, hence making it extremely environmentally friendly.

Other highlights of the Accent eco includes reduced engine maintenance, longer life of spark plug and engine, less frequent change of engine oil, safe and reliable. In addition to that, the car offers ample luggage space, smart and ergonomic design and efficient performance. Hyundai in keeping to its high safety standards ensures that the car goes through LPG leakage detection test thrice before it is delivered to customers and has a special filler cap inside the LPG lining to prevent wear and tear of the parts. HMIL offers the Santro in CNG and LPG variants and now the Accent LPG adds to its range of offerings in the alternative fuel cars. The Accent CNG was launched in June, 2008.