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Hyundai and Tata are offering basic safety equipment even on the base variants

Safety and After Sales Service – There has been increasing pressure on the safety of these segment-specific cars. Except for the base variant, all the variants above get an option of ABS and dual airbags (the top end has it standard) on the Tiago. The Santro goes a little ahead in offering at least a driver side airbag and ABS as standard even on the base variant. It remains to be seen how these cars perform in real-world tests to reach a final conclusion. In terms of service, Hyundai is definitely better than Tata. The brand is strongly associated with reliability. Tata has improved the quality and after sales of their products but it will be some time before they catch up to the standards set by Hyundai.

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If you want a petrol car, get the Santro; if diesel then it’s a no-brainer

Verdict – It is a very close fight between both the cars. The Tiago scores well in terms of build quality and driving dynamics. It is a well rounded Tata but it is the engine that lets it down. The petrol motor does not have the zing of the Santro’s. The Santro has a few flaws too. The cost-cutting is visible and dynamics aren’t the car’s forte. But the Santro’s engine is really peppy and factor in the well-built interiors, ease of driving, good comfort and Hyundai reliability, the Santro has what it takes to be ahead of the game. The new Santro takes off where the old one left and that is why it is our pick.

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It was a close fight but the Santro has an edge

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