Hyundai has developed a new application for android smart watches. The BlueLink app offers a nice functionality for Hyundai vehicle owners.

Hyundai BlueLink Functionality
The BlueLink application will be rolled out for Android in the first quarter of 2015

Move over smart phones, now it is the era of smart watches. Yes, android as well as iOS smart watches are hitting the market and they are gaining a lot of popularity amongst tech lovers thanks to their versatility and smart features. Hyundai has now come up with a smartphone app called the BlueLink app and it was showcased at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The application will be rolled out for android phones beginning first quarter 2015.

The new app will be useful only for owners of Hyundai vehicles that have the BlueLink telematics software in them. The smart watch application will be able to perform the following functions – remote engine start/stop, door lock and unlock and the ability to flash the lights or honk the horn through the watch itself. The BlueLink app will also have a car finder and roadside assistance feature.

The application will work with the Hyundai Sonata from model year 2012 onwards and the Genesis sedan. It will also work with the 2015 Veloster and the 2016 Elantra GT. Some of the other features of the application include Google-powered destination search, vehicle maintenance alerts and Hyundai Assurance Car Care app. The app won’t be compatible with entry-level Hyundais like the Grand i10 or i20 as of now.

Hyundai BlueLink Smart Watch App
It offers functionalities like remote start/stop, door lock, etc.
Hyundai BlueLink
The app will also serve as a practical safety feature
Hyundai BlueLink App
Google-powered destination search is another feature of the BlueLink app
Hyundai Smart Watch App
The app is compatible with only high-end vehicles from Hyundai’s stable