Hyundai ix ionic concept front

The Korean auto manufacturer, Hyundai Motors is preparing to bring out a baby/ compact SUV sometime in the near future. The baby SUV will be first launched in the Brazilian market after which Hyundai might strongly think of introducing the model in different countries where it has its presence. Once rolled out, this SUV would be Hyundai’s smallest SUV in its entire product portfolio. Off late, many global players are contemplating on entering the compact SUV segment and Hyundai is also following suit.

Frank Ahrens, South Korean brand’s director of global public relations commented that Hyundai is going to start with a little five-door hatch codenamed HB, then there will be a four-door sedan, same B-segment, and then there will be a little SUV. He also hinted on the little SUV being smaller than their existing ix35 (named Tuscon in many countries). The company aims to gauge the initial response about the car by launching it in the Brazilian market.

In case the model is widely accepted and appreciated, Hyundai will be definitely looking overseas for more volumes. Currently, this segment is filled by Nissan Juke and the Skoda Yeti. The Ford EcoSport would be coming up late this year or the early half of next year. The pictures shown here are of the Hyundai ix-ionic concept on which the design of the little SUV would be heavily based. The ix-ionix concept was showcased at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show.

Hyundai ix ionic concept side

Hyundai ix ionic concept back

Source – CarAdvice