Hyundai Eon Launch

Hyundai will launch the LPG version of the Eon as the company looks at meeting its target of selling close to 1.5 lakh units of the Eon every year. The Eon is a very competitive car, offering modern design and features in a small car package. With the petrol prices souring and Hyundai not having a small enough diesel engine to plant into the Eon, the company has no option but to look at alternate fuel technologies. Thus, an LPG Eon will soon be a reality as Hyundai has been testing the Eon LPG in and around Chennai.

Hyundai will launch the Eon LPG early next year. The move to launch a LPG version of the Eon is a very sensible one as most small car buyers are looking at LPG kits for their cars. After market kits have huge disadvantages as the company does not support warranty. However with a company fitted kit, not only is it cheaper but also more reliable. LPG kits from the factory also benefit from lesser wear and tear and offer good performance. The main benefit of the LPG kit though, lies in the price of LPF fuel, which is significantly lower than that of petrol. Will competitors respond with cars powered by alternative fuels?