Suzuki hasn’t discontinued the Inazuma in India in spite of the bike not featuring on the company’s website. It’s Suzuki’s flagship locally made product.

2012 Suzuki Inazuma 250 side
The Suzuki Inazuma is the cheapest twin-cylinder bike in India currently

When Suzuki launched the Inazuma in India, people did not accept the bike at its over-optimistic price and sales were miniscule. Suzuki was quick to realise the same and dropped the price of the bike by a good Rs. 1 lakh, it also instantly refunded buyers who had paid the higher amount thereby also getting their goodwill. The price drop did boost the demand of the Inazuma but only initially as soon sales tapered off again.

Suzuki sold just 12 units of the Inazuma in the Indian market last month and much of that poor performance can be attributed to the recent launches from KTM. Also Suzuki doesn’t promote the Inazuma one bit so marketing is almost nil for what is a very capable bike in its own right.

Just recently Suzuki’s India website stopped showing the Inazuma. The bike vanished mysteriously and everyone was left wondering if it was discontinued. We for our part were quite sure that the Inazuma won’t be axed so soon, mainly because Suzuki has invested some money in setting up assembly operations for its quarter-litre bike which comes in via the CKD route. We also got in touch with Suzuki who told us that the Inazuma is very much on sale and its website has some technical issues leading to the disappearance of the Inazuma.

The Suzuki Inazuma isn’t a tarmac scorcher, it won’t set your pulse racing with the 250cc twin generating just 24 HP. It is however high on comfort with the suspension ensuring you take all the bad roads in your stride with little effort. At its current Rs. 2.60 lakh (on-road) price, the Inazuma is a terrific bike for those who crave comfort and refined performance. But for most others who want power packed performance, the Inazuma just doesn’t cut in.

Hyosung Aquila 250 vs Suzuki Inazuma Comparison
The Suzuki Inazuma has very little competition in the Indian market