Suzuki Inazuma Test Ride Review

The recent move by Suzuki shocked everybody when they announced a whopping price cut of Rs. 1 lakh on the Inazuma. The people who had already bought the bike were refunded the difference, which was a news unheard off in the industry till now. Well, the story behind it was that only three or four people bought the Inazuma in India and Suzuki was quite happy to repay them. Count it as a goodwill gesture or good luck for Suzuki.

Now it’s just not India where the Inazuma was priced like a “luxury” bike, it was Indonesia as well. Suzuki has now gone ahead and reduced the price in Indonesia by Rs. 51,000/- as it was priced at Rs. 2.34 lakhs in the first place. As you can see the price here in India is now around Rs. 2.34 lakhs which is after the price cut. Meanwhile this price was in Indonesia BEFORE the price cut of Rs. 51,000/- was announced. Reason? There is no tax at all for motorcycles below 250cc in Indonesia but after 250cc there is a 60% luxury tax levied and hence the pricing is less, meanwhile in India there is heavy tax on CBU models, the Inazuma is a CKD though. The best fact is that Suzuki is offering money back through dealerships in Indonesia, the same practice which was done in India. The price in Indonesia for the Inazuma is now Rs. 1.84 lakhs.

Suzuki created an excellent product but were not too sure how the public would reply, hence the optimistic pricing was chosen. If it was priced lower in the first place, the public would have had mixed reaction towards the motorcycle. With this price cut, the Inazuma has now become an even more attractive proposition for people who like touring and have a budget slightly above Rs. 2 lakhs as the comfort and cruising speeds it offers is enough for our roads. If it weren’t for the government duties, the Inazuma could be priced at Rs. 1.8 lakhs which would have been totally epic if you ask us!

Suzuki Inazuma Road Test