Suzuki Inazuma Special Edition Stripes

Suzuki is in the news for all the glamorous reasons possible these days. First the price cut of the Inazuma in India, then in Indonesia. A price cut of the Suzuki Gladius SV650 was announced in the UK and now the company has announced a special edition of the Inazuma in the UK with two new colour options for its plain vanilla looking quarter-litre offering. Blue and Red are the chosen colours for the job over the black shade, one of two colours available on the Inazuma throughout the world. The other colour is red.

There are pin stripes on the tail-piece, headlamp cowl and rims of this special edition Inazuma. The prominent “Suzuki” sticker on the huge tank extension is to make it stand out while keeping it as simple as possible at the same time. The price being paid for this job is 51 Euros or Rs. 4169/- only. The pin strips on the wheels are semi circle ones which add reflection and give it the “motion” look to caution oncoming traffic at night.

The Suzuki Inazuma has the same 249cc twin-cylinder engine making 24 horses and 22 Nm of torque in a very silky smooth manner. The comfortable ergonomics for the rider and pillion along with the stability and ride quality makes it the best touring quarter-litre bike in the country, now with a very affordable price tag. Suzuki should launch this special edition in India after the famous price cut to attract customers to the showroom for this very potent machine.

Suzuki Inazuma Special Edition