Aprilia 300cc Bike
The brand says now is the time to enter the affordable premium motorcycle segment

Aprilia has said that it will enter the 250-300cc bike category in India within the next three years.

It is no secret that the “affordable” premium motorcycle class which has bikes ranging from 250cc to 350cc, with notable exceptions, is being targeted by many brands since they see huge potential that has yet to be tapped into.

Honda has recently joined the list of brands that want to take the fight to segment leader Royal Enfield. Although, so far, Bajaj and Jawa have not been able to so much as put a dent on Enfield’s sales.

Now, Aprilia wants to get in on the action with a sub-300cc product as it feels that the segment has been growing favourably in recent times.

Only two years ago, the Italian brand wanted to enter the 150cc segment, before it changed its mind. The reason it gave for not launching the RS 150 and Tuono 150, that it displayed at the 2018 Auto Expo, was that the segment did not grow as it expected.

Diego Graffi, Chairman and Managing Director, Piaggio Vehicles, has stated that it made Aprilia look at other opportunities and it seems like the chance it has been waiting for has arrived since he added that the Indian market will see an Aprilia 300cc bike in the next three years.

Why is it going to take so much time? Well, the brand wants to bring a bike that will be different, premium and “deliver a performance not seen in that segment”. So, although it will take time, it will come nevertheless.

Aprilia 300cc Bike

  • Aprilia has confirmed that its 250-300cc bike will come to India
  • Launch of the affordable premium bike will be in three years’ time
  • Brand says its product will be different and premium
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