The Indian government is planning a proposal of buying vehicles which are currently in-use and run emission specific tests as part of the ‘conformity of production’ (COP) to check their compliance with emission standards.

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Government is proposing conformity of production tests for in-use vehicles

The Indian government has come up with a proposal to check if the vehicles from different brands are in compliance with emission standards as required. They plan to run emission specific tests on currently in-use vehicles by buying them over from individual owners which later on would be sold back in the market. These tests are part of the conformity of production (COP) tests check for compliance in emission specifications.

COP clause ensures that every model of every car of every brand complies with the emission specifications of the type approved documents as produced by government accredited testing agencies. At present, the testing agencies receive sample vehicles directly from the factory for the test with the consent of the manufacturer and the testing agency concerned.

The government initially wants to start off by buying recently sold vehicles especially from popular brands. The National Automotive Testing R&D Infrastructure Project (NATRiP) has already sent the proposal for the same for approval to the Road Transport and Highway Industry.

The Indian government along with checking the compliance of recently sold vehicles, will also have to find out the compliance of those already sold and in-use. Accordingly a new system will have to be set-up before an authority to deal with the vehicle’s safety standards as per the Road Safety and Transport Bill. According to the system, cars can be bought for testing by testing agencies and later after the tests, can be sold in the market. The government though will have to bear the loss of the resale.

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The government will buy vehicles from individual owners and re-sell after the tests