The Indian man has been driving his car in reverse since 2003 and now feels more comfortable as well as confident to drive in the same way on all kinds of roads.

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India is certainly a land of the impossible and the improbable! While earlier this week we brought you a video of a South Indian man doing yoga on his bike riding at high speeds; North Indians didn’t want to feel left behind and in this extra-ordinary showcase of talent, we see 33 year old Harpreet Devi driving his Fiat Premier Padmini only in reverse on the streets of Bhatinda, Punjab. What is sometimes painstaking for most drivers just happens to be the way he loves driving and has perfected the art of reverse driving.

Harpreet much like everyone else was a regular front facing driver until 2003, when a small incident changed his life forever. His car’s gear was stuck in reverse in a remote location that made him forcefully drive in reverse to the nearest repair shop. However, with the repairs being expensive, Harpreet was forced to drive in reverse from the unknown location up till Bhatinda that instilled the confidence in him. After years of practice, he now feels he is a safer driver going backwards than he is forward.

With reverse just as normal for Harpreet, he has modified his car with 4 reverse gears and 1 forward gear and can drive the Fiat up to speeds of 80 km/hr. He has also installed an ambulance siren on his vehicle that warns other drivers and pedestrians, while the rear also gets headlights to aid visibility. Harpreet has also been granted special permission from the state government to drive in reverse and practices up to 3 times a week. He also drove from Bhatinda, India to Lahore, Pakistan back in 2005 to promote peace between the two countries.

With 11 years of reverse driving experience though, Harpreet has developed back and neck problems from constantly looking after his shoulder. However, he continues to be one of the few people in the world who can do so and has never met with an accident.

Harpreet Devi Reverse Driver Bhatina
Harpreet feel more confident driving in reverse than driving regular facing front
Harpreet Devi Backwards Driving Academy
Harpreet also owns a Backwards Driving Academy in Bhatinda