This incident of a minor accident not only showcases the absolute lack of regard for rules but also the safety of women drivers in the country. It also reflects poorly on the traffic police force as they did nothing to improve matters.

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In a country like India where there is an absolute disregard for road rules, minor bumps and scrapes between vehicles are a far more common sight than you would imagine. When a similar accident took place between a Maruti Wagon R and Toyota Innova in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the incident escalated into a major hassle questioning the law and order while also taking us back to ‘How to handle road rage 101’.

Based on the events as described by the vehicle owners involved, the Maruti Wagon R driven by Ami Tahiliani had a slight nudge with the Toyota Innova that was allegedly driven by the family driver and belonged to a Yogesh Pujara (who is seen getting into the driver’s seat in the video). Angry at the woman’s carelessness, the occupants of the Innova ganged up against her and started kicking the door and thereby creating a ruckus on the road causing a traffic jam. Fearing for her safety, Ami decided not to leave her car till help arrives and in a fit of rage, Yogesh slammed his car into the hatchback twice in a bid to teach the lady a lesson.

Happening in the presence of a police constable, the issue initially was thought to be a minor incident like several others and would’ve been tackled with a small argument. As the Innova driver backed up his car, even the constable thought that he was moving his car out of the road to clear the traffic. However, the following incident left the road goers and the police constable in equal shock. As visually disturbing the video is, especially since Yogesh had a child in his car; the issue highlights how poor we are at handling minor accidents.

Even if the Wagon R driver was at fault, at no point does the driver or any other person have the right to take the law into their own hands. Even though Yogesh later claimed that his son was unwell and hence he was frustrated by the accident, this is certainly not justifiable. Apart from the fact that we need to learn how to drive and observe the rules of the road, the incident also puts light on how we need to learn how to cope up with an accident and not lose our cool, something we seem to be incapable of doing so at present.

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A safe car does not necessarily ensure good driving skills