yamaha nouvo

Yamaha has completed dealer training for the Ray scooter at its Faridabad centre. The Japanese automaker is rumored to have trained the service mechanics on the Nuovo as well. The above picture shows the Yamaha Nuovo at the service training and there were 20 such scooters present at the facility. Now why would Yamaha bring the Nuovo for training if the company doesn’t plan to launch it in India. Also showcasing it to dealers means that the Nuovo is being considered for the Indian market.

The Yamaha Nuovo doesn’t looks very appealing. It looks quite weird and might not draw too much attention in India. It is currently sold in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines and Colombia. Naturally India becomes the next obvious choice for launch of the Nuovo scooter. While internationally the Nuovo is available with a 135cc engine (in select markets), Yamaha might consider bringing in a smaller engine for India. The 135cc engine is made of DiASil, which is die cast aluminum cylinder (same as the R15).

In some markets, the Yamaha Nuovo is offered with a 113cc air-cooled engine. The same motor debuts on the Ray in India next month. The single-cylinder, 4-stroke SOHC engine produces a peak power output of 8 BHP at 8000 RPM and a peak torque output of 8.62 Nm at 7000 RPM. It weighs in at 108 kgs (with oil and fuel) and features a front disc brake. As you can see, the Nuovo does look like a moped and that is because it is a moped bike. This was done to give it a moped like ride and handling wih the comfort of a scooter. Many have also used the Yamaha Nuovo in racing.