The transparent pillar technology from Jaguar ensures 360-degree visibility around the vehicle, while the Ghost Car tech aids in navigation and is the closest you can come to virtual reality.

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If you thought that Jaguar Land Rover’s transparent hood technology revealed earlier this year was cool, then the new transparent pillar technology is sure to entice you further. Revealing its two new research projects, Jaguar Land Rover are working on the ‘360 Virtual Urban Windscreen’ concept that makes the pillar invisible allowing additional exterior visibility, while the ‘Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation’ ensures that navigation is easier in complicated urban environments.

The 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen provides an unobstructed view of driving by embedding the surface of each pillar with a screen that relays the video feed from cameras covering the angles outside the car, thereby providing a 360-degree view. The technology makes other road users including other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists that are otherwise affected by the blindspot visible to the driver and also guides on potential risks by highlighting the movement of other road users with an on-screen ‘halo’ on the virtual windscreen.

The Follow-Me Ghost Navigation technology on the other hand features an advanced heads-up display that involves projecting an image of a ghost or virtual vehicle that the driver needs to follow turn-by-turn as it guides through the navigation. The system comes in handy in urban conditions, especially if you are visiting new towns or cities with little or no knowledge about the place. Earlier this year, Jaguar Land Rover had also showcased the Ghost car concept for the track.

Jaguar Land Rover Urban Windscreen Ghost Car
The Ghost car navigates the driver through the city creating minimal distractions
Jaguar Land Rover Transparent Pillars Concept
The pillars appear transparent providing all round visibility courtesy of external cameras