Jawa Standard Test Ride Review
The Jawa electric bike will be highly localised

Looks like even the most iconic brands cannot escape the electrification trend as we have got to know that Jawa electric bike is under development.

Manufacturers have no option other than to accept the changes and adapt faster to stay in business or else they will lose out.

Jawa, one of the most loved and iconic names in India has had to accept reality and move on as well.

Classic Legends, the company that owns the Jawa brand name, is working on the project completely in-house and independent of Mahindra, at present.

Of course, they will make use of Mahindra’s expertise gained from taking part in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship.

One another important fact of the matter is that the Jawa electric bike will be highly localised to be priced attractively.

However, do not expect localisation levels of above 95 percent, since many electrical components, including the motor and batteries, might still have to be sourced from international suppliers.

For example, Mahindra works with Renesas for its Li-ion battery management control units in Formula E and other products offered by the company may be used on the Jawa electric bike.

But this is completely speculative and various other suppliers might be roped in for reasons like cost, accessibility and more.

It must be noted that Royal Enfield, that Jawa competes against, announced in 2018 that it is working on an electric motorcycle.

Harley Davidson on the other hand has the Livewire on sale in international markets and the EV has received decent response to say the least.

What will be interesting to see is what manufacturers like Jawa and Royal Enfield will do when they launch their respective electric bikes.

Will they come up with a sub-brand, will they make it a part of their history or will they forego their tradition altogether? Only time will tell.

Jawa Electric Bike

  • Classic Legends developing the first Jawa electric bike
  • The motorcycle is being developed completely in-house
  • Mahindra’s Formula E expertise will help in development big time
Jawa electric bike
Building the electric bike completely in-house will reduce costs by a huge margin

Source – Autocarindia.com