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In July 2020 only 569 Jawa motorcycles were registered

Jawa sales figures have been released for the month of July this year and there is no other way of putting it, the numbers are dismal.

In July 2020, Classic Legends sold and registered only 569 Jawa bikes, holding a market share of 0.07 percent of the total 2-wheeler registrations that stood at 8.74 lakh units in the said month.

Furthermore, the bike maker only managed to pip brands like Kawasaki, Triumph, BMW and Harley-Davidson and all of them are much premium brands in comparison with the Mahindra-owned entity.

If you think that the disruption caused by COVID-19 and the resultant lockdowns contributed to such poor sales, then we have to report that the case was similar last year as well.

In July 2019, Classic Legends sold and registered only 991 units of Jawa motorcycles, again holding a 0.07 percent market share and the year-on-year decline is 43 percent.

These figures were released by the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) in its latest vehicle registration data that was compiled in collaboration with the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways.

FADA data on Jawa sales figures is about the actual number of vehicles that were registered in a month, thus, we can take it as the real sales to end customers.

It must be noted that Classic Legends shared its monthly wholesale figures for a few months since its debut in November 2018. However, it soon stopped providing the sales figures and stated that is has been doing pretty well.

Classic Legends has to ramp up production and deliver bikes to customers much faster than it does currently to see an improvement in Jawa sales figures. But, it is also important that the manufacturer is transparent about its sales figures.

Jawa Sales Figures

  • Jawa motorcycle sales figures for July 2020 revealed
  • Only 569 units have been registered in India last month
  • Data revealed by Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations
Jawa sales figures
Classic Legends had stopped releasing its sales figures long back