Engineering students from K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering launched its latest car ORI 2011 – ‘Aeton’, the official entry of Orion Racing India at the renowned Formula Student Germany Competition, 2011. Aeton is the name of one of Pluto’s horses, usually rendered ‘swift as an eagle’. The Aeton will compete in the annual Formula SAE competition.


After an entire year of hard work and toil the team displayed the ORI 2011- ‘Aeton’. Special softwares like Solidworks, Catia, Susprog 3D and Photoworks360 have been used to aid the design and analysis of the vehicle. The whole car was initially designed on the computer showing the actual room for error. These latest technologies also enabled the calculation of forces and torques experienced by a component under various circumstances when in use on the car. The use of carbon fibre and glass fibre has lent many advantages which the previous cars did not possess such as weight reduction and greater strength to weight ratio. The electronics team designed and fabricated a data acquisition system in-house which will assist the team in analysing the vehicles data during testing.