The dawn of a new era of motorcycle is beckoning as Kawasaki hybrid bike development looks to be fast-paced.

A video titled “Kawasaki Rideology meets Hybrid Power” has been released by the Japanese manufacturer, tantalising us about its upcoming vehicle.

Back in October, we had reported about the development of the Kawasaki hybrid bike, which can be read here, and now it seems that Team Green has actually gone on to test the bike on a circuit and on the dyno as well.

Majority of the video is about Kawasaki adopting new technology, but, at the 1:15 mark, the real magic happens as the Kawasaki hybrid bike is placed on a dyno, switching from electric to petrol power.

Watch the chain and a slight, but visible shift, can be seen as the bike switches from one power source to another.

In the video Kawasaki notes that piston power is best used for the highways, while the EV mode is for city commutes and when the twisties come, the hybrid mode is brought into play.

Kawasaki also did not forget to give us a glimpse of the hybrid powertrain and what looks to be the charge port in the video.

Thus far, we do not know anything about the size of the battery pack and how much weight it adds to the motorcycle as such. Range and voltage is not known either.

However, more details will be revealed in the coming weeks as Kawasaki continues to fine-tune its hybrid power motorbike.

Kawasaki Hybrid Bike

  • Kawasaki hybrid bike development is fast on track
  • The motorcycle can be seen tested on a dyno
  • It seamlessly shifts from electric to petrol power
Kawasaki Hybrid Bike Technology
It would be interesting to see the electric-only range the bike would have
Kawasaki Hybrid Motorcycle
As emissions norms get stricter, these developments are needed
Kawasaki Hybrid Bike Development
Suffice it to say, this will be the future of motorcycling unless even hybrids are banned