Kawasaki H2SX Radar Cruise Control
Radar-guided cruise control to sit inside dummy air intake

Kawasaki radar-guided cruise control might hit showrooms as early as next year. Patent images suggest that the next H2SX sports tourer will be the first bike to get the system.

The Japanese motorcycle major had partnered with Bosch last November to use the German firm’s radar systems on a new bike.

Kawasaki will not be alone when it introduces the radar-guided cruise control at the end of the year, since BMW, Ducati and KTM are all expected to launch their own 2-wheelers with the same Bosch system.

Note that Kawasaki will be integrating the radar system (marked ’60’ in the pictures) in one of the air intakes of the H2SX.

Other manufacturers are trying to fit it at the centre upfront. Since the H2SX has a headlight mounted in the centre (36), Kawasaki has been able to mask the presence of the system better.

The Kawasaki radar-guided cruise control or adaptive cruise control will take its place beside the real air intake that feeds the supercharger.

There is another patent image that looks at incorporating the radar-guided cruise control unit in a sportsbike.

Styled like that of the ZX-10R, the system could replace one of the headlights on the bike and not disturb the styling much.

The radar-guided cruise control will enable a vehicle to maintain a constant distance from the vehicle ahead and automatically enable acceleration and braking within set parameters.

Unlike similar systems on cars, it will not be allowed to perform emergency stops on bikes, but will only reduce the speed and alert the rider under such circumstances.

Kawasaki Radar-Guided Cruise Control

  • Kawasaki radar-guided cruise control development is underway
  • To be introduced with H2SX supercharged sports tourer
  • Unveil to happen at end of this year
Kawasaki Radar Cruise Control
Unit to also be fitted in a sports bike
Kawasaki H2SX Front
H2SX will be the first bike to receive it

Images Source – Bennetts.co.uk