Kawasaki Hybrid Motorcycle Prototype
Given the cost of petrol in India and the lack of charging infrastructure, hybrids make sense

The Kawasaki hybrid motorcycle is only a prototype for now

Japanese bike manufacturer Kawasaki has showcased a hybrid motorcycle in prototype form at its home country recently, thus leading the way in the new segment expected to act as a stopgap until electric motorcycles mature and become affordable.

Recently, Kawasaki had revealed that it plans to launch at least 10 electric and hybrid bikes by 2025. The firm also aims to only sell hybrid and battery electric motorcycles in developed countries come 2035.

Soon after stating its plans, the company has followed it up with the hybrid motorcycle prototype which is based on the Ninja 400.

Kawasaki Hybrid Motorcycle Frame
It will have energy recovery systems too

Packing a parallel twin engine, which could either be a 250cc or 400cc motor, the Kawasaki hybrid motorcycle prototype also has an electric motor and to power it a 48 V battery.

The prototype runs on electric power in ‘City’ mode and outside city limits, where EV lose range rapidly, the petrol engine can be turned on and it will be assisted by the electric motor.

Kawasaki says the prototype is equipped with a semi-automatic transmission. It is thus said to be developing a system that would enable the gearbox to re-engage when the machine is powered by the petrol engine using a sequential button-shift.

The firm has also developed a 4-speed gearbox for use in its pure-electric bike that is known as the Endeavour for now.

Kawasaki Hybrid Prototype
Hybrid bikes will find takers when cities are classified as emissions-free zones