Kawasaki is reportedly working on next generation motorcycles having a highly intelligent man-machine interface using artificial intelligence.

Kawasaki Ninja 300 Long Term Report
Bikes will feature lifelike feelings, technology capable of recognising voice

No matter what nicknames we give to our rides or how many rap songs we make about our cars and bikes, the fact is that a motorbike or a car is just a dumb hunk of heavy metal and plastic piloted by our super-soft delicate structures. Now in true Japanese fashion, Kawasaki is going to develop next-generation motorcycles with ICT (Information and Communications Technology), including AI (Artificial Intelligence). Welcome to the future folks!

Kawasaki is busy developing motorcycles equipped with special technologies called the Emotion Generation Engine and Natural Language Dialogue System. It enables man and machine to communicate by imbuing the machine with lifelike feelings and intelligent technology capable of recognising emotion by the speaker’s voice. The company claims that repeated interaction between rider and motorcycle will allow the motorcycle to develop a unique personality reflecting the individual characteristics of the rider.

This system will help the owner of the bike to get an enhanced riding experience as the motorcycle will be accessing Kawasaki’s bank of analytical chassis and running data stored on a cloud-based data centre. It will even gather information from the Internet, thereby providing greater riding enjoyment, or relay safety-related or reassuring advice as the situation dictates.

Last year, Yamaha showcased its super-smart Motobot: the motorcycle-riding robot as an experimental unit. It said that the goal is to build a robot that can ride an unmodified motorcycle on track with no assistance. The company wanted to apply the fundamental technology and know-how gained in the process of this challenge to the creation of advanced rider safety and rider-support systems.

Kawasaki Artificial Intelligence Bike

– Kawasaki is developing motorcycles having special technologies
– The new tech is called the Emotion Generation Engine and Natural Language Dialogue System
– Bikes will feature lifelike feelings & intelligent tech capable of recognising the speaker’s voice
– It will gather info from the internet & provide greater riding enjoyment as the situation dictates
– They will also have access to Kawasaki’s bank of analytical chassis and running data

Yamaha MotoBot Concept
Yamaha also developed a similar system with self driving robotic bike