Kia Seltos Diesel
People look for more features in cars these days

The Kia Seltos is in for an update this year and it is set to get a panoramic sunroof as a result.

At present, the compact SUV comes with a small electric sunroof, while its twin, the Hyundai Creta is offered with a panoramic sunroof.

Kia’s reasoning is understandable. The Seltos is trailing the Creta when it comes to sales every month. In addition, both Skoda and Volkswagen are set to introduce a product each (Kushaq and Taigun) in the category the compact SUV competes in.

Giving it more desirable features will help the model post consistent sales even with the number of competitors rising with each passing year.

In addition to offering the Seltos with a panoramic sunroof, Kia is also expected to increase the number of safety features in lower variants, so as to dispel doubts over the model’s safety.

For those who do not know, in the Global NCAP safety tests conducted in November last year, the Seltos only achieved a 3-star rating while its body shell and footwell area were deemed unstable.

Some aesthetic updates and revisions in the car’s colour palette might also be made to the car by the South Korean firm with the impending update, while the powertrain options are expected to be left untouched.

It is likely that the same panoramic roof from the Creta will be used for the Seltos

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