Kinetic Group along with their JV partner Ducati Energia of Italy, announced the launch of their latest technological innovation-“The EFI Lite”. EFI Lite stands for complete Electronic Fuel Injection system, which enhances the performance and reduces emissions in compliance with the BS III /EURO III emission standards. The EFI technology will be available in India from January 2011 and is expected to gain more popularity in India on 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers fuel injection system vehicles, due to worldwide trend and necessity to improve the performance and to minimise the emissions.

EFI system primarily consists of an Advanced Electronic Controller Unit (ECU) capable of managing up to 18 or 24 inputs and outputs allowing to optimize the combustion and minimize the fuel emissions in 2-wheelers. The ECU needs to be calibrated and fine tuned in accordance to vehicles’ characteristics and perfectly integrated in order to control and manage additional components in the fuel injection system such as Throttle body, Injectors, Fuel pumps, Lamba sensors, Ignition coil, etc.