The KTM 250 Adventure is being planned for a lower price point.

KTM 790 ADVENTURE R Prototype
Expect the KTM 250 Adventure to take cues from the 790 Adventure

Times change and how, especially in the case of KTM. A few years back, KTM CEO had boldly stated that Bajaj will make all KTM motorcycles (except dirt bikes) up to 800cc, well that never happened. A few years back, Rajiv Bajaj said that they will never launch the Duke 125 in India, the contrary of that happened. We still await multi-cylinder KTMs and the 390 Adventure is more delayed than the most delayed motorcycle in the history of Indian motorcycling (hint, it starts with an M and ends with an O and has OJ in between)!

Now a recent report claims that KTM is working on the 250 Adventure, wait, let the 390 Adventure see the light of the day then we can discuss about the 250 Adventure. But the 250 is more important than the 390 because it will come at a lower price point and will thus appeal to a larger audience, just like with the Duke models.

The KTM 250 Adventure will share its engine with the Duke 250 which pumps out 30 HP and 24 Nm but the powertrain will be tuned to be more peppy lower down, rather than the top-end centric output of the street-fighter model. It will run on 19-inch and 17-inch wheels at the front and rear respectively.

How will KTM drive down the cost, one is of course then engine and then there would be a cut down on hardware, no all LED lights or full TFT instrument cluster on the 250 Adventure, just like with the Duke 250. Even the tyres could be locally sourced instead of the Continental rubber expected on the 390 Adventure. Expect the 250 Adventure to cost around Rs. 70,000/- lesser than the 390 Adventure which is expected to be priced close to Rs. 4 lakhs (on-road).

In other KTM news, a 790 Adventure was spotted recently in India but before we get our hopes high on orange, let me clarify it was a rider traversing through our beautiful country and the Austrian brand had nothing to do with it.

KTM 250 Adventure

– To be more cost effective compared to the 390 Adventure
– Will miss out on hardware bits of the 390
– To be launched after the 390 Adventure

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