KTM 250 Adventure vs BMW G 310 GS vs RE Himalayan vs Hero XPulse 200 - Spec Comparison

KTM 250 Adventure vs BMW G 310 GS vs RE Himalayan vs Hero XPulse 200

KTM is all set to launch the 250 Adventure soon, and it will stir up the ‘affordable’ ADV segment of 2-wheelers even more. The 250 Adventure will be the second ADV bike by KTM in India following the 390 Adventure and the 5th sub-600cc ADV bike overall. Currently, the RE Himalayan and the Hero XPulse 200 are the two main protagonists in the segment and definitely the ones to beat. Following these, there’s the new BS6 BMW G 310 GS, which has undergone some key updates and a huge price cut. Today, we’ll be pinning the upcoming KTM 250 Adventure vs the BMW G 310 GS vs the RE Himalayan vs the Hero XPulse 200 in a spec comparison. We’ll be speculating some things as we still await the official specs of the 250 Adventure!

KTM 250 Adventure vs BMW G 310 GS vs RE Himalayan vs Hero XPulse 200 Styling

All the aforementioned bikes do full justice to the ‘ADV’ tag as all look tall and long. But as different manufacturers have different ways of doing things, they look pretty different from each other. The KTM is yet to arrive, but judging from the spy shots, the 250 Adventure takes a lot of inspiration from the 390 Adventure. In fact, the only major visual difference is the absence of the full-LED headlamp as the 250 version gets a halogen one. Almost everything else seems to come from the 390 counterpart. The tall stance, alloy wheels, sharp styling and the signature orange paint, all make the 250 Adventure a good-looking bike.

Moving on, the BMW G 310 GS also gets alloys and they look much better than the KTMs. The GS looks pretty impressive too as it gets full-LED lighting, more colour options, and golden front forks. The GS also has a sharp stout upfront accompanied by sharp fairings on both sides and the luggage carrier enhances the character as well. Coming to the indigenous offerings, both the RE Himalayan and the Hero XPulse look pretty purpose-built. Both feature tall mudguards, round headlamps and decent-sized windscreens upfront. However, the XPulse gets a full-LED headlamp unlike the halogen one on the RE.

KTM 250 Adventure vs BMW G 310 GS vs RE Himalayan vs Hero XPulse 200 Features

All motorcycles have good features on offer but some clearly edge the others. The KTM 250 Adventure not only shares the design with the 390 Adventure, but it shares the TFT instrument cluster too. This means the 250 might also get smartphone connectivity, and KTM’s Supermoto ABS mode too. Apart from this, adjustable suspension should be present as well. The RE also gets the switchable ABS mode, which lets you skid around. However, both the Himalayan and the 250 Adventure miss out on LED lighting.

On the contrary, the G 310 GS and the XPulse 200 both feature LED lighting and also a fully digital instrument cluster, but miss out on switchable ABS modes. The XPulse even misses out on a dual-channel ABS setup, which is a bummer. The G 310 GS also gets ride-by-wire and adjustable levers, which we think KTM might put on the 250 ADV too. Another common bit between the BMW and the KTM is the USD front suspension while the other two get conventional ones. Both indigenous offerings miss out on these premium features, but they do get the spoke wheels, which many people prefer for off-road purposes.

KTM 250 Adventure vs BMW G 310 GS vs RE Himalayan vs Hero XPulse 200 Ergonomics

Being adventure bikes, all motorcycles have upright riding postures and centre-set footpegs. Both the RE Himalayan and the Hero XPulse 200 have taller handlebars than the KTM 250 Adventure and the BMW G 310 GS. This makes the posture of the former two more upright, comfortable and off-road friendly than the latter two. The Himalayan and the 250 ADV have split seats while the other two feature a single seat setup.

Coming to seat heights, ADV bikes usually have tall seat heights, and the case remains the same here. The Himalayan has the lowest seat height of 800 mm, which is actually pretty low for an ADV bike. The upcoming 250 Adventure will probably have the highest seat height at 855 mm, which will make it a tad unsuitable for shorter riders. Another negative about the KTM might be its low ground clearance at 200 mm, while all other bikes offer 220 mm. This can prove significant on huge bumps and on proper off-road trails.

KTM 250 Adventure vs BMW G 310 GS vs RE Himalayan vs Hero XPulse 200 Performance

Going in increasing order of cubic capacity, first, the Hero XPulse 200 features a 199.8cc motor, which makes 17.8 BHP and 16.45 Nm of torque. Second, the KTM 250 Adventure will get the same 248.8cc motor from the Duke 250, which makes 29.58 BHP and 24 Nm of torque. Third, we have the BMW G 310 GS, which gets a 313cc motor producing 32.54 BHP and 28 Nm of torque. Last but definitely not the least, we have the RE Himalayan hosting a 411cc motor which churns out 25 BHP and 32 Nm of torque. All engines are single cylinder and have FI as standard, thanks to BS6. Also, while the XPulse and Himalayan get a 5-speed gearbox, all others feature a 6-speed one and we expect KTM to throw a slipper clutch in the mix too.

Going by the numbers, the Himalayan has the biggest displacement and the highest torque figures, but the G 310 GS makes the most power among the 4 bikes in context. The upcoming 250 Adventure slots right between the Himalayan and the G 310, and it will definitely one of the liveliest bikes just like its naked sibling. Talking fuel-economy, we expect the 250 Adventure to be less efficient than the Himalayan and the XPulse, but more efficient than the G 310 GS.

KTM 250 Adventure vs BMW G 310 GS vs RE Himalayan vs Hero XPulse 200 Verdict

Judging from the 390 Adventure’s case, we expect the 250 Adventure to cost around Rs. 2.5 lakhs (ex-showroom). If KTM were to launch it at this price, it would undercut the G 310 GS by around Rs. 30,000/- but it’d be costlier than the Himalayan by roughly the same amount. Does it make sense? Maybe.

The 250 Adventure would offer premium bits like the TFT display, alloy wheels, ABS modes, WP suspension, etc. from the 390 Adventure at a significantly lower price, which makes it pretty valid for people who want a tamed down ADV offering by KTM. As for the competition, personally, I think if a person wants to buy a motorcycle to get into proper off-roading (thrashing and crashes included), the Hero XPulse 200 should be your pick as it is the cheapest to fix and to live with. One can opt for the ‘Rally Kit’ too, and even then you’ll save enough cash for a long road trip.

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