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Fully digital console is loaded with a ton of information on offer

Instrument Cluster and Switchgear – By the first look, the 390 Adventure’s TFT display might look very similar to the one seen on the Duke. But it is slightly different with a bigger protective cover around it. The numbers inside the cluster are exactly alike with a ton of details being shown. What is new is the ABS and MTC mode that is displayed on the home screen itself. The 390 Adventure has multiple switchable modes for the ABS as well as the traction control. While if you dig deeper you can even control the quick-shifter from the console. The display also has a night mode just like the ones on its siblings and it turns black during the night.

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This switchgear is like a proper gaming controller for the loaded screen

Adjustable levers are very helpful while the knuckle guard is quite solid too

The switchgear buttons are exactly the same as we had seen on the Duke 790 as well as the 390. While the plastic feel isn’t top-notch, the haptic feedback makes up for it. The switches are easy on a thumb reach while they are finished in matte grey. There is an optional mount also present to mount the GPS device right between the windscreen visor and the digital console. The console displays all the possible information you can ask from it like the distance to empty, mileage, battery voltage and the rest. But at one time you can only see 4 major details which can be arranged via a preset.

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It is one of the motorcycles with the tallest seat height in India

Ergonomics – The KTM 390 Adventure carries the comfortable ergonomics from the Duke and makes it even taller and spacious. The seat height is at a whopping 855 mm making it one of the tallest motorcycles to sit on in India. It will not be comfortable for an average height Indian rider but if you are any taller then you would like it. There is a lot of room to move around while the seating posture is quite upright. The footpegs are centre-set while the height of the motorcycle does not make you feel cramped at all. The tank does not edge near the seat making it comfortable to lock the knees while being seated or even standing on the bike.

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Seat cushioning is decent while it is wide and long too

Ergonomics are more like a comfortable tourer with hardcore enduro aesthetics

Even for the pillion there is a lot of space to sit and move around. The big grab-rail does come in handy as it works well to mount something or a sturdy piece for the pillion to grab onto. The task, however, is to get on the motorcycle. As the seat is a split-seat unit, the pillion sits even higher while the rider is already sitting quite high. The pillion gets normal footpegs while the rider gets toothed footpegs with rubber inserts. This is ideal for touring and one can remove the rubber inserts for better grip during off-road riding.